March 10, 2022

We’re migrating New Hampshire Insurance (AIG) XS Policies to Core Specialty

Our newest carrier partner, Core Specialty, gives you access to a broad appetite (over 600 classes) for Commercial Excess policies.

You can learn more about Core Specialty here, along with information regarding billing, endorsements, cancellations, claims/loss runs, and commissions.

Effective March 14, AIG is issuing a Commercial Excess moratorium for New Hampshire Insurance. Therefore, all eligible XS policies quoted through the Attune Portal will appear on Core Specialty’s paper. Here’s what you can expect for new and renewal business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When is the last day to quote AIG XS policies?

A: The last day brokers will be able to quote AIG XS policies in the portal will be 3/13/22. We will begin quoting Core Specialty manually on that date.

Q: When is the last day to bind new business XS policies?

A: 3/20/22, regardless of effective date

Q: When are we starting to non-renew AIG policies?

A: The non-renewal schedule by state will be as follows:

  • For all states outside California, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina: 6/30/22 will be our last AIG XS renewal effective date
  • Non renewal notices will go out as soon as April in adherence to state rules

Q: What will be included in the notification that I, the broker, will receive for policies that will be transitioning?

A: You will receive an email notification including the ODEN notice, EITHER a quote or an indication for Core Specialty XS (if eligible), marketing sheet for Core Specialty and loss runs.

Q: What will be included in the notification that the policyholder will receive for policies that will be transitioning?

A: The policyholder will receive a mailed letter that includes the ODEN notice, and a marketing sheet for Core Specialty which encourages them to call their broker if they would like to purchase coverage with Core Specialty.

Q: Will there be any policies that are not transitioned to Core Specialty?

A: Yes. Policies that are out of appetite for Core Specialty will be non renewed. For these policies, the broker’s email notice will indicate that the policy is being non-renewed and is not eligible for Core Specialty. The policyholder will receive an ODEN notice in the mail.

As always, please contact our Customer Care team with any questions or concerns. Thanks for choosing Attune!