January 15, 2021

Transitioning Your Clients to BOP+

About BOP+

Our new Businessowners’ Policy (BOP+) gives you access to 135 new classes along with customizable insurance coverages built to keep your clients’ businesses protected and growing.

More classes, same ease of use

With an expanded appetite, 135 new classes, more comprehensive coverages, and the speed and ease you’ve come to expect from our portal, you can write even more through Attune. As we continue to build out our BOP+offering, you’ll get:

With our new classes, you and your clients get access to over 30 new coverages and endorsements bundled into one policy.  Some coverages include Additional Insured by Contract, Agreement, or Permit, Hartford Steam Boiler Cyber Suite, and many more.

Transitioning your Blackboard Policies to Accredited BOP+

We’re rolling out BOP+ on a state level. Once a state is eligible for BOP+, all new BOP business is written on Accredited paper.

BOP+ auto-bind, our newest portal feature, will automatically transition your Blackboard BOP clients to Accredited. Instead of manually binding these policies, we’ll automatically bind BOP+ policies 30 days before the effective date as if they were automatically renewing.

Here’s what you can expect

When your Blackboard BOP clients are eligible for a Businessowners’ Policy through Accredited, you’ll see a BOP+ quote in the BOP+ Transition Page of the Attune Portal 95 days before your clients’ Blackboard BOP policy expires. Instead of manually binding like you had to do in the past. Coverage will be automatically bound one month before the quote's effective date. You can remove your client from this automated transition any time through the BOP+ Transition dashboard.

In advance of the policy expiration date, you will receive a packet of resources, including a non-renewal notice for your clients’ current Blackboard BOP, a renewal quote through Accredited, an Underwriting Notice, and a marketing sheet with additional information. Your clients will receive a non-renewal notice for their current Blackboard Insurance Company BOP in advance of the expiration date.


Our Customer Care Team is here to answer any questions you might have. You can reach them via email or phone (888-530-4650).