April 30, 2020

Free Small Business Resources

With each state handling the pandemic differently, there is a lot of information out there. To see what’s applicable to your and your business needs, there are a handful of websites that break resources down for you on a state, local, and industry level. Here are few:

The U.S. Small Business Association

The SBA works with partners across the nation to train and counsel small businesses through the application process. You can see if  there are local resources you can leverage during your application.

The National Retail Federation

The NRF partners with local governments and its state retail associations to provide updated information and resources around COVID-19 for retailers.


Forbes launched a Small Business Relief Tracker outlining the resources, grants, and funding available for businesses broken down on a state and industry level.


Our partner, Bench, America's largest professional bookkeeping service,  launched a  COVID-19 Small Business Resource Center with helpful information and documents like the PPP Loan Forgiveness Checklist that walks you through each step of the application process. Also, Bench is offering Attune clients 20% off their first six months of bookkeeping.

The National Restaurant Association

The National Restaurant Association offers small business resources, state updates, and answers to frequently asked questions directly on their website. The National Restaurant Association also provides information on creating a business continuity and reopening plan.