May 26, 2022

Exploring the Attune BOP+: Professional Services and Offices

You know about BPP and Business Interruption BOP coverages, but what about something lesser known? We asked our Sales team about their favorite niche BOP coverages Attune offers.

Did you know that Attune’s first-ever product offering was a businessowners policy? From the beginning, we knew that the best way to customize coverage for small businesses is through a BOP.

We asked our Account Development Lead Brennen Grone his favorite underrated BOP coverage that Attune offers. Brennen said:

“I love selling the Attune office BOP+ because of the way we cover signage on the building. Some carriers restrict agents to a specific signage limit or boilerplate coverage amount. Our retail BOP+ allows us to cover signage attached to the building as BPP so we can be flexible with our small business clientele and use our sign coverage to cover signs that aren't attached to the building.”

Next time you chat with your clients, review their policy and take advantage of this coverage opportunity.  You can head to page two of the BOP Base Policy Form to take a closer look. If you have any other questions on where you can find more details on coverages, reach out to your Account Manager or our Customer Care Team.

To learn more about our BOP+ Professional Services and Offices industry, download the below pdf and head to the Attune portal to get a quote in minutes.