February 3, 2021

BOP Enhancements 101

More coverage with no additional steps

Our Businessowners’ enhancement forms provide additional coverages already bundled into your client’s policy. That means your BOP eligible clients receive increased coverage without you taking any extra steps.

These enhancements provide a comprehensive insurance solution just for their business with customized coverage. The enhancements we offer include:

  • Businessowners Enhancement (SM 04 01)
  • Restaurant Enhancement (SM 04 02)
  • Contractors  Enhancement (SM 04 03)
  • LRO Enhancement (SM 04 04)

Enhancement Highlights

Our built-in enhancements strengthen coverage to meet your clients’ needs while enabling you to compete effectively in the small business marketplace. All coverages are subject to state-specific restrictions and availability.

Businessowners Enhancement

Our Businessowners Enhancement is built for professional services, retail, etc., adding commonly-requested coverages to your clients’ BOP. Attune Insurance’s general business owners enhancement pertains to all our BOP eligible accounts from beauty salons to medical office to florists.

Coverages automatically include (higher limits are available for most coverages):

  • Fire Department Service Charge: $25,000
  • Strengthened Civil Authority Business Income and necessary Extra Expense Limits
  • Electronic Data: $25,000
  • Water-backup and Sump Overflow: $15,000
  • Personal Property Off-Premises: $15,000
  • Outdoor Signs: $25,000
  • Outdoor Property: $10,000

Restaurant Enhancement

Whether your client owns a bakery, a BYOB bistro, or a family-style pizzeria, the restaurant enhancement coverages include (in addition to enhancements listed above in ‘Businessowners’ Enhancements’):

  • Property of Others in Your Care, Custody or Control: Lesser amount of legal limit of liability, or $10,000
  • Fragile Articles Limitation: Limitation does not apply to glass, china, or containers of property held for sale
  • Food Contamination: $10,000 extra expense, $10,000 Business Income; $5,000 additional advertising expense
  • Spoilage: $25,000 for the loss of perishable stock
  • Money, Securities, and Credit Card receipts: $10,000

Contractors Enhancement

Eligible applicants like plumbers, electricians, landscapers, and many more other artisan contractors have add-on coverages that include (in addition to enhancements listed above in ‘Businessowners’ Enhancements’):

  • Broad Form Additional Insured – when required by a written contract
  • Waiver of Transfer of Rights Against Others to Us – under a contract with a person or organization

Lessor’s Risk Enhancement

Shopping centers, office buildings, and single occupancy commercial buildings have their own enhancement form with an LRO enhancement form with coverages that include (in addition to enhancements listed above in ‘Businessowners’ Enhancements’):

  • Tenant Move Back: $15,000
  • Realty Tax Assessment: $25,000
  • Mobile Equipment: $25,000
  • Outdoor Storage Sheds: $25,000

Where can you  find enhancement forms?

Log into the Attune Portal, navigate to our 'support' page (located on the left-hand side), and click the Enhancement Library. Each enhancement can be downloaded directly as a PDF form.