About Attune and the Intuit Landing Page

Please read carefully

This application makes use of cutting-edge technology developed, owned and administered by Attune Insurance Services, LLC, a licensed general insurance agent (Attune). For Business Owners’ (BOP) policies available through this app, Attune represents Blackboard Insurance Company, New York, NY. For more complete information about Attune, visit www.attuneinsurance.com.  Blackboard Insurance Company also has an easy-to-search public web site at www.blackboardinsurance.com with useful information about the company and its products, services and financial strength (such as A.M. Best ratings). We encourage you to learn as much as you can about Attune and Blackboard and ask us questions about any aspect of our business.

The Business owners’ (BOP) policies available through this application provide coverages for common property and liability risks faced by small and mid-sized businesses in their day-to-day operations. The policies do not include health insurance or auto insurance.  All insurance policies have exclusions and limitations. This brief summary is intended as a general description only, and does not alter or amend the terms and conditions of any policy ultimately issued by the insurance company. The rights and obligations of the parties are governed solely by the policy contract itself. All claims for overage are adjusted by the insurance company or a claim service company retained by the insurer.  Attune does not adjust claims.

This application allows Attune to send and receive information necessary to underwrite an insurance policy in a matter of minutes. As you check the boxes and complete the application, you are providing information in order to request a premium price quotation, which you may accept or decline.  If the information you provide doesn’t fit the insurance company’s underwriting guidelines, the app will advise you that your business is not eligible. No obligation to buy insurance is created by using the app until you complete the application and accept our offer and the insurance policy is “bound”.

To protect your privacy, the app collects information about your business only. No non-public personal information is collected. If at any time you decide not to proceed, you may click on “No Longer interested –Unlink the app” and the information provided will not be sold or used for marketing.  Until you are an actual policyholder, any communications to you will include an “unsubscribe” function if you no longer wish to be contacted.

Premium price quotations are presented in the form of options depending on limits of insurance, optional coverages selected, etc.  The options are marked “basic”, “standard” and “expanded”. These notations are not meant to influence the customer’s decision, which should be made based on your knowledge of your business and its risks, as well as the professional advice you may receive from your legal counsel or safety consultants.  

Be sure to note that you have selected a policy effective date, coverage begins at 12:01 AM on that date, as long as you have paid the premium for the policy.  The policy may be cancelled by you at any time. The insurance company may also cancel the policy for certain reasons, such as non-payment of premium or misrepresentation. The policy will expire unless renewed one year from the effective date.

We are available to assist you at every step in the process. You may contact an Attune licensed individual insurance agent and obtain assistance, ask questions about the process of applying for insurance through the app or about any other aspect of insurance products and services.